As a journalist of more than 10 years who has worked across the country and world for some of the most trusted outlets, Kamala has a rich reporting background and maintains a reputation for her agility, delivery, ethics and reliability.

She has a master’s in public health reporting from Columbia University, spoke on former Attorney General Eric Holder’s voting rights panel, sat on the New York chapter’s board of Women, Action and the Media! (WAM!) and on WNET’s Inclusion and Diversity Council, and she was named an influencer to watch by the Vera Institute in 2018. Read her resume.

Her approach

Kamala Kelkar is also a journalist who cares deeply about the people around her, most especially her sources. She spends hours pouring over how they will be portrayed in her work, prioritizing their trust above all else, even if the published work will not be what they had hoped. She is clear with everyone she engages during the reporting process about what she has found and what she plans to write. With deep respect for those who take the time to tell their truths, she shows up, she follows through, she files that FOIA request, and she keeps in touch.

With a solid moral compass, bent for righting wrongs and belief in the power of transparency, she is always eager to hear from sources, colleagues and more.

If you have any input, issues you want addressed or anything else you think she might be able to help with or want to know, email her at